Your Adventure Awaits!

L1FE Outdoors rents ATV’s for use anywhere in Ontario.

Whether it’s arranging an off road trip, using for hunting, a work weekend, or just testing out the sport….

L1FE Outdoors wants to share the joy of Ontario’s backcountry with as many people as possible.

ATV Rentals

Renting anything can seem like a daunting task…. We’d like to help make this process easy for you.  Have a read through the information sections below.  We have taken the time to explain the rental process for you.  Once you're ready to book a machine click on the photo below that matches the location you would like to book from.  This will take you to the booking site for that location.  AND remember.... We are here to help you!  Please don't hesitate to call or write if you would like assistance with this process.

Fun Facts About L1FE Outdoors ATV Rentals

  • We have 2 Rental Locations for your convenience.

  • Both of the locations provide Pick-Up & Go service. You can pick up your rental machine(s) and take them anywhere in Ontario. Pick-up at the location closest to you or along your route and ride at a destination of your choice. You may choose to take them home or to the cottage to help with the yard work, use them for hunting or go trail riding. Ontario is the host to so many amazing trail systems.

  • The Bracebridge location provides a Park & Ride Option. There are trails near by allowing you to come for the day, park and ride. No transporting of the machine(s) necessary with this option.

  • We rent single person ATVs and 2-UP ATVs. (Note: we no longer rent side x sides or snowmobiles)

  • All rentals come with rental helmets and tool kits

  • If you rent from the Bracebridge location the rental comes with the local trail permits. 

  • Trailers and ramps are available for rent.

  • Delivery service is available but not guaranteed. When booking you can request a quote for delivery to your cottage or the trail head or any destination of your choice. Fees depend on quantity, distance and timing.

  • The online booking site allows you to book your machine(s) with ease on your own schedule.  However if you would like us to book your rental for you please contact the location you’re interested in. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

  • All rates are located on the online booking site as well as the availability of units by pick-up location and date. ***If you are booking more than a week in advance and your desired date and/or location is not available shoot us a message and we may be able to make it work for you***

  • Rental rates are per day.  If you're looking for a half day Park & Ride rental, the Muskoka location may be able to accommodate you.  Contact them directly for this.  Availability for this depends on other full day bookings.  

  • We also rent to businesses for work sites, please do not use the booking site for this. Contact the head office direct for corporate rates.


3 Simple Steps to Booking Your Rental

1. Choose your Rental Date, Rental Product and Rental Location:

To book your ATV online CLICK HERE to switch over to the online booking site. This booking site is organized by Location tabs, these are the rental locations that you can pick your machine(s) up from or ride from if you’d like to do the park and ride option (Available in Bracebridge Only).  Within each location tab you will see a list of rental products available per location. Click on any product to give you further details on what’s involved with renting that particular machine type. The calendar on the right hand side will allow you to determine if the machine(s) you’ve selected are available at the location you selected for the dates you desire.  

***The booking is not complete until you’ve agreed to all the terms and conditions, entered Customer details, Machine driver(s) details and payment details. So please don’t hesitate to click on different date options and machine types to figure out what will work for you. Even after adding items to the cart you can still make adjustments***

2. Complete the Booking & Sign the Waivers: 

Complete your booking by adding your rental product(s) to your cart, agree to all the terms and conditions and enter the Customer details, Machine driver details and payment details. You will then receive a booking confirmation by email, if you don’t receive this the booking may not have gone through. The booking confirmation email will have a waiver link on it. EVERY person that will be participating in the operation of any L1FE Outdoors rental products MUST first complete a participant waiver. This is not limited to drivers, this includes all passengers. Please forward this waiver link to all, if any, participants and have them complete it. It is the responsibility of the Customer to make sure this happens. Although signing the waiver is an important step, it’s quite simple. Once the waivers are completed both the person completing the waiver and L1FE Outdoors Inc. receives a copy of it.

3. Pick-Up Machine(s) and Ride! 

This is the fun part. Once you’ve completed a booking the coordinator from the location you’ve booked at will be in touch. We are very hands on. All final details like time and exact location of pick-up and drop off will be discussed as well as whether you’re transporting the machines to another location or just parking and riding from site. Any questions you have will be answered. When you arrive to pick up your machine(s), come expecting to spend some time on machine orientation and damage check list (circle check).


Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you post your exact pick-up addresses?

Some of our pick-up locations are strictly rental depots that are not staffed for drop-ins. This is why it’s important to book ahead of time.

How do I find out where to pick-up?

Once you’ve booked your machine the coordinator from the location you’ve selected will contact you with all final details, including the exact address for pick-up or park & ride, timing, what you should bring etc. We take a very hands on approach. All your questions will be answered!

Why should I book ahead of time?

Booking ahead of time makes sure there is a machine(s) available, allows for all the paperwork (contracts, waivers & damage deposits) to be completed ahead of time, and allows for the coordination of the pick-up or park and ride.

Why is there a damage deposit?

When renting our machine(s) we expect you to treat the machine(s) like your own. If you damage your machine you would have to fix it. If you damage our machine you are responsible to cover the repair (outside of normal wear and tear). It’s imperative that we have machine(s) in good working order not only for you but for the renter after you.

What is the damage deposit?

The damage deposit is taken as a ‘hold’ on your credit card. It gives us the ability to charge your card should damage occur during your rental period. The Hold is in place for 7 days after the rental period to allow us to inspect the machine(s) and quote the repairs, if any. No damage charges will hit your card without communication from a L1FE Outdoors representative.

How much is the damage deposit?

Damage deposit amounts can be found on the online booking site. It differs with the type of machine(s) you are renting.

What are the costs to renting?

All rental rates are posted on the online booking site. For corporate rental rates (large volume or long term rentals) Contact Us.

How old do I have to be to rent?

You have to be 18 with a valid driver’s license to rent and/or drive any L1FE Outdoors machine(s). Passengers can be under 18 as long as there has been a waiver signed a head of time.

How do I sign up for the park and ride option?

Our Bracebridge location is located close to a trail systems. If you are not interested in transporting machines and would prefer to just come and ride for the day just book a machine(s) online and simply let your location coordinator know once they contact you for final details.  There is a place for you to park your vehicle for the day.

What to bring for a park & ride day?

L1FE Outdoors provides the machine(s), helmets, goggles, and permits for the local trail system. You are responsible to bring everything else. Dress appropriately for the weather. Consider bringing water and a snack. Some routes may have food and gas along the route and others may not. Plan your route. Location coordinators can help you with this if needed.

Will I run out of gas?

No…. In the case of ATVs you can get upwards of 6 hours of riding out of a tank of gas. If you plan a route that is more than this make sure there is a gas station on route or you bring a gas can along.  We can provide maps with food and gas indicators if needed.
As long as you plan your trip properly you will not run out of gas.

What if I don’t like using rental Helmets?

L1FE Outdoors sprays all rental helmets in between each use! Despite this we understand that some people would still prefer to purchase their own helmet and not use the rental. If you'd like to purchase a helmet from us and have it waiting for you on rental day please let us know ahead of time.

Do you sell your rental machines?

We are often asked if we sell our rental machines and the answer is yes. L1FE Outdoors is also an ATV dealer. Buying one of our lightly used rental machines is a great way to get a deal! If you fall in love with the machine you’ve rented ask us what the purchase price is. Purchase prices will depend on size, type, condition, and km’s on the machine.

Will my rental machine break down?

L1FE Outdoors takes every precaution possible to ensure that the machine(s) are in tip top condition. No machine is over 2 years old and in most cases less than 1 year. We all know things happen and in the event that something does happen please contact your location coordinator and we’ll do everything in our power to make it right.

Is it better to book online or to call in?

You’re always welcome to call in if you have questions that we have not answered on this site for you. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Booking online is actually easier and allows you to have the freedom to book anytime of the day. The online booking site shows you the availability of machines in each location by date on the calendar. Please always keep in mind that all small detail questions can be answered after you have reserved your machine(s).

What if there are not enough machines available at my desired location?

Have a larger group? Or looking for more machines than we have available at one location? In this case reach out to us! L1FE Outdoors, if able, will relocate machines to make your booking happen provided you give us enough notice and we have the machines available. We value all our bookings and it’s our goal to help make your outdoor adventure a reality.

How do I rent a trailer or ramps to help transport my rental machine?

Once you’ve selected which machine(s) you want to rent and place them in your cart an ‘Optional Extras’ page will pop up and allow you to add additional items to your rental including things like: trailers, ramps, etc.

How do I request a Delivery Quote?

Once you’ve selected which machine(s) you want to rent and place them in your cart an ‘Optional Extras’ page will pop up and allow you to add a ‘Delivery Quote’ to your cart. By adding this item to your cart, after booking you will receive an email from a L1FE Outdoors representative who will take care of getting you the quote.

Can I book a Guided Tour?

We often get asked about tours.  The short answer is that we are not a tour company.  We offer machines to people who want to go on their own adventure.  There are many tour companies out there though so if it's a guided tour you're looking for do not book with us.

2 ATV Rental Locations



Muskoka Area

HighFalls Rd, Bracebridge

Not Far off Hwy 11





New Hamburg


Southern Ontario





270 Hamilton Rd, Unit#4

New Hamburg, ON  N3A 2K2